J.F.White has a reputation for quality, integrity and efficiency. We achieve this by hiring the best in personnel, using top of the line equipment, working safely and employing state of the art technology.

J.F.White has brought its knowledge and experience of the construction industry into the realm of Information Technology (IT). We have participated with the Association of General Contractors (AGC), on local and national levels, as a part of beta testing groups and IT committees. J. F. White has hosted local AGC IT roundtable meetings; bringing together IT professionals from region’s top contractors.

Our home office IT systems are designed to support our home and field offices and provide seamless communication between them. Our field and office personnel have access to shared file systems; through FTP sites, Citrix and SharePoint. This allows for accounting, job cost systems, documentation management, equipment and tool management and inventory and labor management to be done in real time.

J.F.White serves as IT support for the owner’s field office, ranging from telecom, fax, internet access, remote connectivity, windows server / file share, desktop and laptop pc’s, network scanning and printing, and software and tech support.

J.F.White works to build collaborative project websites in order to allow the shared public access to project documents and project controls to all users in the field, including owners, resident engineers, subcontractors and internal staff. We have set up FTP sites for the owner’s use which allows for immediate document access and simplifies the distribution of large files. Additionally, we rely heavily on Oracle Primavera Contract Manager allowing for the complete tracking and logging of issues, change management, submittals, RFIs, drawing logs transmittal, correspondence, project letters and meeting minutes.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is linked with Primavera schedule to provide project visualization and planning. This allows for schedule scenarios to present in a 3D model and provides for optimal construction sequencing planning, crew workflow, visual check of the constructability of the project and elimination of overlap of work areas with different trades.  See this in practice, as applied to the CAT/DEL project here.

Our engineering and survey staff use 3D AutoCAD at a variety of levels. Surveyors regularly use it to integrate 3D data points and link them with plan documents. Many of our projects utilize GPS enabled survey tools which allow for the uploading of real time data into the system. Finally certain projects have integrated the 3D CAD, GPS and machine control systems to provide precise roadway alignment.

Our superintendents are equipped with handheld devices which allow for project drawings and specifications to be easily carried into the field and verified.

Smartphones are used by superintendents, project managers, project engineers, foreman and beyond to provide support. In conjunction with Exchange we are able to provide “push email” and the rapid disbursement of information amongst the job team.

J.F.White uses the latest in IT tools to provide our clients with the high caliber work they have come to expect in a faster and more efficient manner.

Tom Ahlstedt

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