Safety Overview


Safety, Health and Environmental management programs

J.F. White Contracting Company is ISO certified in 45001:2018 for its Safety & Health System and 14001:2015 for its Environmental Management System.

Safety, Health and Environmental Management is firmly embedded in the J. F. White corporate culture and construction methods. The Company’s exemplary Safety, Health and Environmental record are the result from one of the most comprehensive safety programs in the construction industry. J. F. White believes that safeguarding the well-being of its workers and the public is its top priority.

Construction projects by their nature present an environment where people can be injured. However, accidents can be prevented, and people who constantly practice safety awareness will not be injured nor cause injury to their fellow workers. Our commitment is to make our projects and operations as safe as humanly possible.

Our program requires site-specific planning, accountability, and extensive training. Each project is analyzed, to identify and mitigate risks to the health and well-being of workers and the public. The development of project specific safety plans is particularly important in congested areas such as busy freeways, urban neighborhoods and commercial settings. We incorporate the aspects of environmental awareness and sensitivity to the concerns of the communities into our work approach to ensure the quality of life for residents and businesses in neighborhoods impacted by construction.

Every person on the worksite shares equally the responsibility to maintain our safe working environment. Supervisors and superintendents are directly accountable to management for safety where all employees are empowered to take corrective actions on safety hazards and concerns. All project personnel participate in the company's extensive orientation program, which includes the recognition of safety and environmental health issues as project priorities. It is the Company’s responsibility to provide its workers with the tools required to implement its safety program by funding all safe practices, providing sound and practical information along with training, and operating equipment in the safest condition possible.

Management Commitment

J.F. White Contracting Company is attuned to the potential safety, health and environmental impacts of its operations and activities where top management communicates the importance of an effective Safety Health and Environmental Management System (SHEMS) and the conformance to this system. In keeping with company policies, J.F. White Management has established, implemented and maintains a SHEMS to address these potential impacts and to carry out operations and activities in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment, additionally ensuring that the SHEMS system achieves its intended outcomes.

J.F. White Management takes into account diversity aspects (e.g., gender, language, culture, literacy, disability) when considering its communication needs and ensures that the views of external interested parties are considered in establishing its communication process(es).

Working in the best interest of our clients, owner’s, communities and the environment has always been our guiding beacon, and has proven to be in J. F. White's long-term interest as well. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability in the context of our core belief that long-term success comes from creating value in a sustainable way.

Our formula for long-term success relies heavily on our ability to recognize and execute sustainable practices with the proficiency, safety and quality we have become known for in providing our clients, communities, and employees a healthy, stable, and sustainable way of life while addressing, climate change, water conservation, accessibility, health and safety, and financial solvency.

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