Environmentally Conscious

J.F. White Contracting Company knows that we all have a responsibility to take care of our environment.

Our projects have provided us with the opportunity not only to reduce our impact but also to help provide services in ways that create a better future for us all.

We have both designed and constructed renewable energy projects that promise to provide a better, cleaner future.

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We have an outstanding record in the building and improvement of water and wastewater treatment plants. J.F. White was part of a project that utilized the latest in UV treatment technology.

J.F. White continues its project participation in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and LEED training for employees. We have recently completed the first LEED-certified airport in the world.  LEEDs projects are involved in efforts such as recycling, removal by environmental contractors and wherever possible, the reuse of materials.

Many of our projects have included the creation, re-creation and/or protection of wetlands and vernal pools, including caring for the existing wildlife. J.F. White constructed one of the first vernal pools in the Northeast, balancing and introducing wildlife as needed.

One of the cornerstones of J.F.White’s work has been its expertise in rail and mass transit work, reducing our traffic and carbon emissions.

The J.F. White Equipment Division takes pride in being at the forefront of operating an environmentally sound fleet of heavy equipment.

When it comes to understanding and implementing the EPA emissions standards, J.F. White’s Equipment Division helped lead the way. Division management worked closely with various government agencies such as EPA, DEP, and MHD, and regional trade associations such as CIM and UCANE, in the development of language for the emission-standards specification requirements.

J.F. White projects utilize our own fleet of equipment running on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is the motivation behind our program to phase out or update our older equipment, including retrofitting the existing equipment with diesel oxidation catalysts up to and including Tier 3 engines.

We are an industry leader in the Northeast in developing and implementing high standards of environmental responsibility. .

Global concern begins with action at home. J.F. White has retrofitted the lighting in its home office. This is an investment has paid for itself and provides rewards to the environment for years to come.

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