JFW New Technology - EarthCam     

The J. F. White IT department is using EarthCam Trailer CAM systems on major projects to monitor and record construction activities. At the completion of a phase of work a deliverable time lapse high resolution movie can be produced. The EarthCam system allows the archived and live monitoring of conditions during construction. These EarthCam trailers are highly mobile, solar powered, and utilize multiple cameras for either high resolution megapixel time lapse imaging or standard resolution live streaming from the same platform. The live streaming cameras can be remotely controlled by users – giving them full pan, tilt, and zoom control to see precisely what they want. These camera systems feed a secure website via a cellular modem and allow for collaborative shared access to the project owners, JFW executive management, and the project job team. Permitted users can log onto their website anytime from anywhere and view current activity or prior recorded project activity and progress. These camera systems have been used on the I93 Fast14 project, Logan Airport 33L expansion, and the Chelsea Street Drawbridge replacement.



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