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McCormack Building Chiller Replacement

Project Highlights:
  • Air Lifted Chillers to and from the 22nd Floor of Building
  • Installed New Electric Chillers
  • Installed Pumps
  • Installed Variable Frequency Drive
  • Installed Manual Transfer Switch Arrangement
  • Upgraded Electrical Switch Gear


The McCormack Building Chiller Replacement project, sponsored by the Massachusetts Bureau of State Office Buildings, required the use of a helicopter to replace two 450 ton capacity electric chillers with new 550 and 650 ton capacity chillers on the 22nd floor of the McCormack building in the heart of downtown Boston. In addition to the air lift and the installation, new chilled water pumps with variable frequency drives were installed, the controls system was upgraded, and the electrical distribution system was modified, including the installation of a manual transfer switch setup.

The most intricate piece of this project was orchestrating the series of helicopter lifts, while ensuring the safety of all involved. To accomplish the air lifts, J.F. White and its rigging subcontractor carefully coordinated the strategy for the air lift operation with State and City officials, adjacent contractors, equipment vendors and the immediate neighborhood community. J.F. White's meticulous planning, constant supervision, and communication among its team members were the key to the successful air lift and installation project.

The helicopter lifts were clearly the "highlight" of this project. Yet, it was J.F. White's ability to bring together a variety of individuals with the necessary technical and engineering expertise that assured the project's success. And, as further evidence of J.F. White's commitment to getting the job done, the new chillers were brought on-line to produce chilled water for the McCormack Building 59 days ahead of schedule.