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I-93 Mass Ave Interchange

Job Highlights:

  • TCLP Stabilization 10000 tn
  • Erection of 220 Steel Tub Girders
  • Erection of 216 Precast I-Beams
  • Installation of 336,964 lf (63.8 miles) of steel pipe pile
  • 3,498,939 lbs of resteel
  • 80,000 tons of Bituminous concrete
  • 101,791 CY of concrete poured


A significant achievement of this job was the monitoring of the fabrication and delivery of the steel tub girders to meet our schedule.


Corning Laserton Building Foundation

The I-93 Mass Avenue Interchange project is the southernmost end of the Central Artery/Tunnel project. This $180 million job was awarded by Mass Highway to J. F. White as the sponsoring partner of a joint venture with Slattery and Interbeton.

The project featured the construction of 1.5 miles of the new Central Artery, including a new 10-lane highway with on/off ramps and a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction. This new highway also includes 17 new bridges (totaling 2 miles), one temporary bridge, and 4.6 miles of new at-grade roads. The structures are made up of 220 steel tub girders averaging 150 foot spans, with 216 precast I-beams and 42 precast post tension concrete box beams. In addition, 3.8 miles of drainage were laid leading to two independent storm water pump stations. Together, these are capable of moving nearly 20,000 gallons per minute into the ocean at Fort Point Channel.

The inherent congestion in this area, coupled with the proximity to live highway, made this contract a particularly rewarding challenge for the members of the J. F. White team.

Contract amount: $180,000,000