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McCormack Building 300 Ton Chiller Replacement

Job Highlights:

  • 2 ‐ 600 GPM pumps
  • 38,000 CFM ‐ Air handling unit
  • 300 ton ‐ Magnetic Bearing Chiller




McCormack Building 300

 Ton Chiller Replacement

J.F. White ’s Mechanical Division was awarded the 300 Ton Chiller Replacement contract at the McCormack Building by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM). This job consisted of the replacement of an old 300 ton chiller unit with a state of the art 300 ton magnetic bearing chiller and a 38,000CFM air handling unit.

The mechanical room, where most of this work took place, was on the 7th floor, so removing demolished pipe and equipment andinstalling the new equipment required significant coordination and scheduling. The old chiller and air handler were cut into pieces, small enough to fit in the elevator, and brought down to the loading dock to be hauled away. All this work was done at night to not disturb the building tenants.

The new air handler was broken into individual panels to fit in the McCormack building’s freight elevator where it was then reassembled in the mechanical room on the 7th floor.

The chiller, supply fan, a plate and frame heat exchanger and the steel dunnage for the chiller were hoisted to the 7th floor by a 90 ton Grove crane on a Saturday through a window opening.

Contract value: $1,244,072