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Boston Public Library Chiller Replacement (McKim Branch)

Job Highlights:

  • Met Aggressive Work Schedule
  • Completed Early Milestones
  • Installed Steam Piping
  • Welded Chilled Water Piping
  • Installed Pumping Systems

J.F. White performed the piping installations
as shown above.

J.F. White was hired by the City of Boston to install three steam absorption chillers to the Boston Public library's existing high pressure steam energy system. J.F. White installed all the piping and managed subcontractors who performed the rigging, selective demolition, insulation, HVAC, electrical, and controls.

One of the more challenging and innovative parts of this project was fitting the new chillers through the existing loading dock opening. In order to make the fit, J.F. White's rigging contractor and a chiller manufacturer representative separated the chillers into upper and lower sections. Using gantry hydraulic lifts and chain falls, the chiller sections, each approximately 10 tons, were then lowered one-by-one approximately 40 feet into the mechanical room through an 8 foot by 12 foot wide opening in the loading dock floor. The chillers were then reassembled in place.

Innovative planning and problem solving were key to keeping the library safe and open to the public while this complicated project was underway. The Department of Neighborhood Development commended J.F. White for its high quality workmanship and high professional standards.