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Harvard Low Voltage Substation

Job Highlights:

  • Siemens LV Switchgear and Transformers
  • Constructed the New Low Voltage Substation Room
  • High Pressure Steam Pipe Relocations
  • 2 MW Fuel Oil Fired Stand-by Diesel Generator with a Remote Radiator
  • Furnished and Installed new Structural Steel to Support the new Substation


The future addition of a fifth boiler and a steam turbine/generator set at Harvard's Blackstone Steam Plant called for an upgrade in the capacity of the electrical switchgear. J. F. White was contracted to furnish and install a new Low Voltage Substation into which the new switchgear was installed. Also installed were two new transformers on top of the new substation along with a new MCC on the Turbine Hall deck. To allow for the construction of the new Low Voltage Substation, it was necessary to make modifications to the 400# steam system and furnish and install new structural steel.

J. F. White also replaced an existing gas fired stand-by diesel generator with a new fuel oil fired generator, stainless steel stack, supports and fuel oil supply system. To provide cooling for the new diesel generator, a remotely located radiator along with all the interconnecting cooling water piping and controls were installed. To ensure emergency back-up generation during construction of the new generator a 2MW temporary generator was furnished.