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MBTA Cabot Station Steam and Condensate Piping Repairs

Job Highlights:

  • Steam and Condensate piping.
  • 320 LF of 6" Pipe
  • Welding
  • Working in an occupied facility.


J. F. White was contracted by the MBTA to repair broken underground steam and condensate lines at the MBTA's Cabot Station.

The damaged lines caused a lack of heat in several buildings and necessitated the closing of a busway due to dangerous driving conditions as a result of the condensate fogging.

To resolve the problems, J. F. White routed an above ground steam line as a measure to temporarily resolve the heat and visibility issues along with a method to handle the condensate returns.

These temporary systems were fabricated, installed and commissioned within the time allotted by the MBTA and with a minimum impact on their daily operations.