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Brook House Buidling "D" Fan Coil

Project Highlights:
  • 110 Riser Isolation Valves
  • Replaced 18,000 lf of riser piping
  • 397 Fan Coil Units replaced and rewired



As part of the ongoing renovation the complex's aging HVAC system, Brook House Condominiums contracted J. F. White Contracting Company's Mechanical Division to replace the riser isolation valves, riser piping and fan coil units (FCUs) in the "D" Building.  The HVAC renovation included the phased demolition of the existing riser piping and FCUs, installation of a new brazed copper riser system, and the installation and wiring of new fan coil units.

The project required extensive and, by its nature, disruptive work to be performed within privately owned condominium units.  J. F.white's scheduling team provided the Owner a detailed and easy to follow schedule that was used to inform the tenants about outages and coordinate the work within the units amon the various trades.  J. F. White's skilled tradesman and project team provided the manpower and planning to meet the needs of Brook House Condominiums for a successful completion.

                                                            Contract value: $2,657,000.