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Springfield I-91 Viaduct Replacement

Project Highlights:
  • 20,000 cy of Concrete
  • 3,300 tons of Reā€Steel
  • 310,000 Shear Studs
  • 445 Bridge Bearing to be jacked and replaced.


The work under this MassDOT contract consisted of replacing the entire existing bridge deck of the I-91 Viaduct in Springfield, MA. The proposed improvements allowed for slightly wider left shoulders and new lighting on the structure. Also included were structural repairs to retrofit fatigue details and replace pin and hanger systems, replacement of bearings, substructure repairs and replacement of the bridge drainage system.           
Additional work included of excavation, full depth pavement construction, pavement milling and pavement overlay, pavement markings, cement concrete sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, granite curb, landscaping, and other incidental work.   
By utilizing an aggressive accelerated schedule, we reduced the number of traffic stages to keep construction duration to a minimum. Two travel lanes in each direction were maintained. To facilitate flow of traffic and to minimize emergency repairs to the existing bridge deck, preemptive deck repairs and resurfacing of portions of the bridge deck will be performed.      

Contract value: $164,655,00