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Fitchburg Track & Signal

Project Highlights:
  • 6 New Interlockings with Home Signals.
  • 28 Crossings - AHCW Signals
  • 54 Signal Houses Instruments
  • 28 Switch Machines


The Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line is approximately 50 route miles long extending from North Station in Boston to Fitchburg Station in Fitchburg, MA. There are 16 commuter rail stations on the line between the two terminal stations. The route consists of predominantly double track with the exception of approximately 0.5 miles of single track through Waltham. Eight grade crossings with track and roadway reconstruction and there are 28 grade crossings with new automatic highway crossing warning systems were completed. The wayside signal system was replaced as well.

Work consisted of improvements to the existing tracks and signal systems including, but not limited to, track construction, track throws and realignment, 6 new interlockings, improvements to 2 existing interlockings, grade crossing rehabilitation, new Automatic Highway Crossing Warning (AHCW) Systems at grade crossings, new signal system, track surfacing & alignment, and the retirement or demolition of existing track, special track, and signal system elements. These improvements were made while the existing Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line maintained passenger and freight service except for select weekend service shutdowns.

Contract value: $49,900,000.