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Missile Defense System Substation Upgrade

Project Highlights:
  • Project completed without lost time accident.
  • No interruption to the plant operations while the new switchgear was installed.
  • Worked 2‐12 hour shifts to complete the project on time.


J.F. White was contracted to remove and replace 3 ‐ 13.8kv/480v, 2000 amp double ended pieces of switchgear. The work included removing all 3”& 4” conduits and feeder cables from the existing switchgear and existing junction boxes to installing new raceways as needed. We then removed and installed new 15kv transformers, switches and 480v switchgear. Once completed, J.F. White reinstalled the feeder conduits and cables into the new sections of switchgear, reconfigured the 13.8kv primary conduits and cables to re-feed the new 15kv

Additional work was added to J.F. White’s contract to temporary uninterrupted power and lighting to critical production areas of the plant that could not shut down during the planned outage. J.F. White restored these areas to permanent power upon completion of the new switchgear.

J.F. White electrical worked 2 shifts 12 hours each to complete the project on time. The major portion of this project was completed ahead of schedule allowing Raytheon's engineers additional time to test and restart all their equipment.

Contract value: $887,000.