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Blackstone Station Steam Plant Electrical Upgrade

Project Highlights:
  • Project completed without a lost time accident.
  • Installation of a new Motor Control Center in Boiler Hall.
  • Instrumentation and controls to new boiler.
  • Third phase of 3 year job.


J. F. White was contracted by Harvard University to perform the installation of new Medium Voltage Switchgear including its supporting equipment, a UPS system and battery backup. J. F. White disconnected and relocated the two 13.8kv / 2300v transformers to create a doubled ended substation. Additionally, two 13.8kv SF6 switches were removed and replaced.

The second stage of the project included installing a Steam turbine as well as its associated equipment. Included in this equipment was a Neutral grounding resistor, 1600 amp Motor control center, a series of VFD's, steam turbine control panel as well as all the necessary conduit and cable to complete the system.

The third stage in the update included the installation of a new burner management system an controls as well as the conduit and cabling associated with the new boiler installed. A new boiler control panel was installed. This panel had to communicate with the existing controls system.

The last stage of work included the start up and commissioning of the entire system. This project was completed without interruption during the daily operation of the plant.