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60 Oxford Street - Harvard

Project Highlights:
  • Excavated 24,000 cubic
    yards of soil
  • Installed 650 linear feet of wales
  • Installed 16 Struts
    7 straight struts
    9 corner struts
  • Disposed of 40,000 tons of soil
  • Installed Utilities
  • Performed Site Work

Creating a mix of both soil and slurry walls for a stronger foundation.



J.F. White was contracted by Lee Kennedy, the Construction Manager, to install the support of excavation for the building foundation of the new Harvard Data and Information Center and provide services for the mass excavation. The support of excavation was comprised of both a Slurry Wall and Geo-Jet Wall system with one level of internal bracing. The internal bracing was designed with cross-lot and corner struts.

The excavation for this foundation is approximately 20,000 square feet by 30-feet deep. This mass excavation called for the disposal of 40,000 tons of soil. Coordination with other subcontractors was essential due to congested work site.

This foundation was completed allowing further construction to proceed on time for the follow-on subcontractor.

Contract value: $4,700,000.