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70 Francis Street Steam and Condensate

Project Highlights:
  • Xray quality welding
  • 1120 feet of steam and condensate pipe
  • double wall pipe systems
  • Deep excavations
  • Extensive coordination with the owner


Working in conjunction with J. F. White's Civil Group, J. F. White's Mechanical division installed 560LF of 8" X 18" Steam Piping and 560LF of 4" X 10" condensate Piping.  Both the steam and condensate systems were constructed with Double Wall pipe materials.

The new pipe systems connected the MAYTEP Facility to the new Brigham and Women's Hospital located at 70 Francis Street.  Fifteen foot deep excavations, multiple existing utilities and working in the street adjacent to an operating hospital required extensive planning and coordination not only with our trades and suppliers but also with the Owner and Construction Manager.

due to the efforts of al parties, the job was finished on schedule and on budget.