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Water Softener System

Job Highlights:

  • Relocation of pump
  • Installation of new pump
  • Installation of stainless steel piping
  • Formed & placed concrete for new equipment pads
  • Furnished & installed new structural steel and walkway
  • Electrical installation


Harvard's Blackstone Steam Plant contracted J. F. White to install a new water softener system. The installation of the new system allowed the removal of an existing softener system which was hindering the construction of the new boiler. The new softener system consisted of a combination of new and existing equipment with the requirement that the existing softener system remain functional until the new softener system was operational. After successful start up and operation of the new softener system, J. F. White then relocated pieces of the existing softener system to provide additional redundancy to the new softener. The remaining portion of the existing softener, along with its distribution piping, was then demolished to clear the way for the construction of the new boiler.

J. F. White was able to accomplish the parallel operation of the old and new water softeners without bringing the plant off-line. J. F. White's ability to self perform the mechanical, electrical and concrete portions of this project is the major reason for its success.