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Rodman Early Childhood Center

Project Highlights:
  • Complete heating system replacement within an active school in less than 3 months.
  • Installed 3 new boilers, gas piping, pumps, VFDs, piping and breeching.
  • 700 LF of large bore piping, 800 LF of fin tube radiation, 30 unit ventilators, 2 AHUs and new ductwork.
  • New power and DDC controls throughout building.


J.F. White was contracted by the Town of Canton to perform a full heating system replacement at the Rodman Early Childhood Center. The scope of this project was divided between 2 separate areas of the facility, the existing mechanical room and the classroom areas. Work within the mechanical room included the environmental remediationm and full removal of (2) existing oil fired steam boilers, pumps, piping,breaching, power and control wiring. These units were replaced by (3) new high efficiency gas fired condensing boilers with new gas train, pumps, VFDs, and associated power and DDC control system. Within the classrooms and public areas J. F. White removed all existing steam fed unit ventilators, piping, wiring and pneumatic control system. These items were replaced with new hot water unit ventilators, fin tube radiation, air handlers and a DDC control system.

The challenges of this project were the extremely short schedule and performing our work within an occupied facility. J.F.White was awarded this contract in late July, 2011 and due to State mandated heating requirements the new heating system had to be operational by October 15th, 2011. As an active preschool and school for students with physical disabilities, the requirements of fulfilling the schedule had to be balanced with maintaining a safe environment for the staff, children, and the facility’s need to stay in operation. All construction activities had to be planned in advance and often performed at night and on weekends.

Contract value: $1,060,700.