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CA/T Ramps North of Gilmore Bridge

Job Highlights:

  • CIP Concrete
    22,000 CY
  • Re-Steel
    3,600 TN
  • Deck Form
    180,000 SF
  • Drilled Shafts
    15,000 LF
  • Steel Tub Girders
    136 EA
  • Bituminous Concrete
    9,400 TN

Extensive use of demolition shields were
required underneath the 190 X 60' demo
area of existing I-93 which covered live
highway, the Orange Line and Amtrak
Freight Tracks.

This project consisted primarily of elevated sections of ramp and viaducts connecting with I-93 north of Boston. Extremely tight work zones adjacent to I-93 above and active MBTA Commuter Rail / Amtrak freight lines below called for safety and precision at all times during major concrete pours and structural steel erection. The work was completed flawlessly due to the pre-planning, communication and diligence of all involved.

This $50 million project opened successfully prior to the advertised schedule in the interest of providing the traveling public a new exit off I-93 southbound, thereby avoiding the intersection at Storrow Drive.

As an early example of how enhanced highway planning and design contribute greatly to the public good, the Leverett Circle Ramp project was a proud accomplishment for J. F. White and the entire construction team.