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Green Line Relocation Haymarket to Science Park

Project Highlights:
• 43,000 sf slurrywall installation
• 300 lf of Box Girder Viaduct
• 5,900 cy top down excavation
of tunnel
• Underpinning
• Installed 3500 ft of direct
fixation track
• Installed 4000 ft of ballasted track

This direct fixation track has critical installation tolerances to ensure safe transit operation and smooth ride quality.



The MBTA Green Line Relocation Project runs from Haymarket
Station to Science Park Station and is the last part of the North Station
Transportation Improvement Project (NSTIP) and is one of J.F. White's
more intricate projects. This project is technically rigorous, calling on J.F. White's expertise in top down construction, underpinning, demolition, slurry wall installation, deep foundation drilling, transit track construction, signal communications, traction power, electrical substations and structural steel erection.

Two key aspects of this project included underpinning of the Fleet
Center (now the TD Garden) fa├žade and construction of the new Green Line Tunnel in a top down fashion. This enabled construction of the new tunnel while preserving the integrity of the Fleet Center and maintaining clear traffic patterns on Causeway Street. In the shadows of the Fleet Center this methodology kept uninterrupted access to the many events featured at the Fleet Center while construction continued below the street.

This project demonstrates J.F. White's ability to manage the phased
construction of a complex set of tasks within a confined and congested work environment.